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We launched ARC Fishing with an ambitious goal: to demonstrate there’s still plenty of opportunity for innovation in the tippet, fly line and leader markets.

Along the way, we’ve partnered with world-class manufacturers who share our passion for fly fishing, combining materials knowledge and manufacturing expertise to create the most technically advanced and versatile tippet, leaders, and fly lines on the market today. All designed with a single purpose: to help you land more fish.

Our design philosophy emphasizes simplicity, but not at the expense of performance. ARC products are packed with the latest features and technologies, including some market firsts. And, all designed to deliver unmatched performance under the most demanding fishing conditions.

As one of the industry’s newest companies, we’re committed to earning your business. We know the only way to do that is to offer products with a clear advantage over the competition.

But don’t take our word for it. Take our products to a river, lake or the flats to see what they can do. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

We look forward to talking to you about the full line of ARC Fishing products and seeing you on the water!

Dayne Glass

Dayne Glass

Travis Thompson

Travis Thompson

Zing is the sound of fly line shooting through the guides. And the sound of a screaming reel with a fish on. It’s also a visual representation of some of the key technologies that set our fly lines apart and ahead of the competition.



When it comes to fly lines, suppleness is both a plus and a minus. Supple lines throw loops easier, shoot farther and have less memory. But supple lines have their limitations. Summer heat can cause them to wilt and stick in the guides, robbing you of critical casting distance. We solved this problem by incorporating a slightly harder, lower compression material beginning at the high-wear haul and running zones and identifying this transition point with a line color change.

The bottom line — ARC Fishing lines maintain their performance characteristics no matter what kind of day Mother Nature throws at you.



Small Molecules’ Big Benefits. PTFE is one of the slickest, most hydrophobic compounds known to man. By applying Nano technology to permanently incorporate PTFE molecules into our freshwater fly lines, we’ve taken fly line performance to the next level.

Our fly lines utilizing this proprietary technology float higher, cast farther and mend easier than competitive lines with conventional surface coatings.

And because the PTFE Nano molecules are permanently incorporated into our lines, you don’t have to worry about them washing or wearing off over time.



This one is simple physics. The grooved design of our fly lines significantly reduces friction during the casting stroke. Lower friction equals easier, longer, more accurate casts. It’s that simple.